8 months
Port St. Lucie, FL

Looking for someone to build his confidence and continue with his training

Brody (or Bro’) likes being with his human. He curls up next to his human in bed and prefers being held. Brody lives to play fetch with a ball and drink from the garden hose. He gets along great with other dogs playing tug-of-war or wrestling.

Brody is shy at first (puppy submissiveness) and he needs a home with a fence and possibly an electric fence/collar to reinforce initially as he can jump about four to five feet with little effort – and he can climb as well. He does not jump to escape, but we believe he will jump to be with his human. He walks great on a lead with the use of a Martingale collar or harness… if he sees his human or a skateboarder he will break into a run. He seems to have a very strong prey instinct; he notices the outside cat and rooster crowing. He will counter-surf and nudge the fridge while exploring. Mostly he is very smart and quite curious about the world.

Overall a very friendly, loving and highly trainable boy. Brody came into Lifeline Rescue with Bleu Jean, but they do not have to be adopted together.

Help us take care of Brody 🐾