Billie medium, female Australian bulldog

AGE8 months GENDERMale SIZELarge LOCATIONPort St. Lucie, FL BREEDWeimaraner Looking for someone to build his confidence and continue with his training… Brody (or Bro’) likes being with his human. He curls up next to his human in bed and prefers being held. Brody lives to play fetch with a ball and drink from the garden…

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Bleu Jean

A great Dane dog is standing near the pool

AGE2 years GENDERFemale SIZELarge LOCATIONPort St. Lucie, FL BREEDWeimaraner Looking for someone to tuck her in… Bleu Jean is a very sweet loving girl. She likes to cuddle, prefers to sleep with her human in the bed (tucked in), and asks to go outside (even with a dog door). She prefers the company of her…

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The female dog Athena looking for the owner patiently

AGE18 Months GENDERMale SIZELarge LOCATIONPort St. Lucie, FL BREEDVizla/Hound mix UPDATE: Max has been adopted!!! Just look at this gorgeous guy! Max may be only 18 months old, but he’s already an incredible boy all around. He is crate trained (but no longer needs it) and is great with other dogs too! Help us take…

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The female dog Athena is sitting on the chair

AGE6 months GENDERFemale SIZEMedium LOCATIONPort St. Lucie, FL BREEDMixed breed Mixed breed, 100% pure cutie… Athena is crate trained, great with all dogs, loves to play and suuuuper cute. You must meet her! Help us take care of Athena 🐾

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AGE1 ½ GENDERMale SIZELarge LOCATIONPort St. Lucie, FL BREEDWeimaraner STATUSAdopted ❤️ This small boy offers big love… After being surrendered by his owner, Pablo is searching for his forever family. He is a small boy, but has big love to offer after he quickly warms up to you. This handsome boy is also great with…

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AGE10 years GENDERMale SIZELarge ARRIVED2022 BREEDBlue Weimaraner All this boy wants is to be loved… UPDATE: ADOPTED! It doesn’t take much to make Flash happy. This laid-back, beautiful boy just wants to be loved. He is fully house-trained (no crate needed) and ready for lots of cuddles and happy car rides with his new family.…

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Pupdate: ADOPTED!! Wesley is a beautiful 8-month-old boy who is calm for his age. We see lots of love and a bright future for this handsome boy. AGE8 months GENDERMale SIZELarge ARRIVED05/31/2022 BREEDWeimaraner

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Luna Belle

AGE7 years GENDERFemale SIZELarge ARRIVED6/21/2022 BREEDWeimaraner Luna was given away for free on Facebook. Her new family feels she is too rough for their small children and would like for us to find her the perfect home. She has had gastropexy surgery so no fear of bloat with this girl. She is great with other…

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