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Lifeline Dog Rescue Is a 501c3 Non-profit Caring for Weimaraner
and Other Breeds of Dogs Providing Shelter, Fostering, and Adoption

Lifeline Dog Rescue

Providing Shelter & Unconditional Love to Homeless Dogs, FL

Lifeline Dog Rescue

Lifeline Dog Rescue Introduction Weimaraners at Fleet Peeples Park

We are a division of Central Florida Weimaraner & Dog Rescue, Inc., a Florida non-profit corporation since 2011 and 501c3 tax-exempt effective 24 Oct 2011.

Our mission is to provide shelter, care, and unconditional love to unwanted and homeless dogs in hopes of adopting them to loving homes.

We rescue and rehabilitate unwanted and misunderstood dogs and give them a second chance at life.

We rescue just a small part of so many dogs in need and specialize in Weimaraner dogs yet accept other pure or mixed breeds.

Non-profit for and All About the Dogs

As a 501c3 non-profit dog rescue corporation, our labor of love is being a non-profit for, and all about, the dogs. We live modestly in order to pour personal resources and energy into the health and well-being of even more rescue dogs like these we rescued, adopted, and own.

Group of Weimaraner Dogs

How You Can Help

Here’s our short list of dog rescue needs for persons wondering how you can help.

  • Adopt, Foster, or Sponsor a Dog
  • Donate Money, Time, or Supplies
  • Become a Key Corporate Sponsor
  • Attend Dog Rescue-Related Events
  • Promote Lifeline on Your Website

Our goal is to proactively search for and rescue at-risk dogs from state agencies, animal shelters, or individuals looking to surrender their dogs.

We operate in Central Florida and seek 501c3 tax-deductible donations from individual and corporate charitable sponsors, as well as persons willing to adopt one of our dogs and volunteers willing to donate time, money, or supplies for our operation.

Lifeline Dog Rescue is active in social media, so you may help promote Lifeline Dog Rescue on Twitter, our Facebook page, Flickr, and YouTube. Follow the links to our social site accounts from the icons at the bottom of the right side column of every page.

Major news about our social media activity and connections will be announced on our blog.

In addition, each page of our website and blog has social bookmarks for Twitter, Facebook, Google +1, and over 300 bookmarking sites. Please share the Lifeline Dog Rescue mission online.

Meanwhile, watch us grow as our website grows, as well. Visit the contact page for inquiries or look at the lastest blog posts on the Lifeline Dog Rescue blog.

In Memory Of Denise Ridgeon


Denise's Passion & Mission

Denise devoted her life to Lifeline and the dogs, that was her passion, and that was her mission. She accomplished enabling the perfect fit for every one of the fur babies to go to their forever family, she had that gift. She made a difference, she made people's lives so much better and she made a difference in this world. May her memory be a blessing to all.

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